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Why did I choose the career of a real estate broker? Several reasons pushed me towards this career choice, but one in particular made me develop my passion for real estate. When I was growing up, we moved a number of times, and that's how I developed a taste for “customer service”. I met several brokers during my moves who helped us with the procedures and I will always remember how much each of them were there for us. I saw them get involved and invest in our projects as if they were theirs. They worked day and night to help us as best they could with our projects. That's when I said to myself that I wanted to be like them growing up. Each house, by its sale or purchase, allows people to close a chapter or start a new one. A real estate agent is a guide, an advisor, a support for the investment of a lifetime. An agent must be the ambassador of her client's dream and that ... It speaks to me a lot! I am proud to be able, in my turn, to help families, like mine, to realize their real estate dream!